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The Lexicon of Sudoku

In the world of Sudoku and solving people tend to use different names for exactly the same thing. This glossary provides a reference for all the different names that people use.

This dictionary includes all the terms found at Sudoku Players Forum

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Last Digit

The final number that is put in a house to complete all the cells in that house.

Keywords: cell, cells, house


See: Cell

A single row or column. This term is used by Ruud.

Similar to: Row, Column

Keywords: column, row, single

Local Bivalue Move

By choosing two candidates from a cell that has several, it is possible to force all the cells in the same row, column and block to become bivalue cells, and for each candidate in that row, column or block to only appear twice in each house.

Also known as: Localized BUG Move

Keywords: bivalue, block, candidate, candidates, cell, cells, column, house, row, value

Localized BUG Move

See: Local Bivalue Move

Locked Candidate

A candidate number that can only appear in one row or column within a block.

Keywords: block, candidate, column, row

Locked Pair

See: Number Pairs

This term is used by MadOverlord

Similar to: Hidden Pairs

Locked Set

See: Number Chains

This term is used by MadOverlord

Locked Triplet

See: Number Chains

This is a number chain of three cells. This term is used by MadOverlord.

Similar to: Naked Triple

Keywords: cell, cells, number chain


Logidoku is a Sudoku variant created in 2005 by Josie Faulkner. The usual rules apply, where each number can only appear once in each row, column and 3x3 block, but there are two more rules:

1. The marked irregular areas can only contain each number once, and
2. The long diagonals can only contain each number once.

These five rules mean that a standard 9x9 grid can contain a puzzle that has far fewer clues than a normal sudoku. The puzzle could be represented as a killer sudoku, where each of the cages has to add up to 45.

Josie has hand-crafted a number of these puzzles, which are available in the sudokuworld Yahoo! group.

Similar to: Killer Sudoku

Keywords: block, cage, clues, column, grid, group, killer sudoku, row, sudoku