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The Lexicon of Sudoku

In the world of Sudoku and solving people tend to use different names for exactly the same thing. This glossary provides a reference for all the different names that people use.

This dictionary includes all the terms found at Sudoku Players Forum

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Gang of 44

In any given blank sudoku grid, there are a given number of ways that the top three rows could be arranged, with all 9 numbers present. The actual number is 948109639680 different possible combinations.

Some puzzles are mathematically equivalent, in that one puzzle can be transformed into another using transposition, substitution and re-ordering. By swapping the positions of two numbers in a puzzle (say 1 and 2), the steps you have to take to solve the puzzle are exactly the same, just the two numbers have swapped positions.

For each of these 948109639680 possible top three rows, if we apply a combination of transformations (see mathematically equivalent) then we find that there are only 44 possible distinct combinations.

These 44 combinations are separate because it is impossible to transform one into another. Each of these 948109639680 combinations can be transformed into one of these 44 layouts.

For an actual list of the 44 combinations, please see the bottom of this document:

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Gattai 2

Two overlapping sudoku.

Usually the left and middle blocks on the top row of one puzzle overlap with the middle and right blocks on the bottom row of the second puzzle.

Also known as: Twodoku

Keywords: block, row, sudoku

Gattai 5

See: Samurai Sudoku


See: Clues


A sudoku puzzle. Used because of the grid-like appearance of the puzzle.

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Describes the swordfish patterns in sizes that are greater than N=6, such as a 6-Gronk, a 7-Gronk, etc. You probably won't find any of these patterns in standard 9x9 sudoku as they're too small, but they may appear in larger sudoku, such as a 12x12 grid and larger.

Similar to: Seafood

Keywords: grid, sudoku, swordfish


See: House

This term is used by MadOverlord, DonTsai and AngusJ